One Of The Oldest Gambling: Blackjack History

Blackjack is one of the oldest gambling of all. Slot machines have a history of about 15 years, and video poker has a history of about 50 years, but it is said that Blackjack has been played since the late 1600s. The rules used at that time were a little different from the playing cards used today, but the rules for playing with the number 21 are the same.

The Origin Of The Name Of Blackjack Was From A Surprising Place

Blackjack is said to have been originally named “Vingt-et-Un”, although the origin of the game itself is unclear. This means “21” in French. After that, it was imported to the United States, and casino houses and others began to offer blackjack. At that time, many

It is said that the casino house came to be called blackjack because it offered bonuses to players who won by themselves with blackjack (spade or club jack).

That Napoleon Also Loved Blackjack

Blackjack began to prevail in France in the 18’s, and it is said that the revolutionary Napoleon was enthusiastic about it for years. He played for hours at a time and the blackjack strategy was perfect. Moreover, there is a record that he ordered military personnel to ban card games until he became addicted to blackjack, which shows how addictive blackjack was to Napoleon.

Is Luck In A Row?

Blackjack is one of the most difficult casino games to win in a row. The chances of winning three times in a row are only 9.96%, and the chances of winning seven times in a row are almost zero (about 0.49%). On the other hand, there is a 42% chance of winning in one game, a 50% chance of losing, and an 8% chance of a draw. Therefore, once you play and win, you will continue to play one after another, and so on, but it is important to think carefully about the above winning percentage, understand that consecutive wins are not sustainable, and play calmly to succeed. It’s the key.

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